Good old fashioned taste!

At Attap House, you can have good old fashion coffee or delicious local cuisine in a comfortable environment. The cafe is design to make dinners feel they have step into a modernize attap house. Use of tree barks are wrap around the counter, the walls are clad with rattan-like wallpaper. Wooden chairs and rustic floorings complete the look and feel of the place.

Good old fashioned food!

Customers can enjoy chicken or cuttlefish porridge over breakfast, our signature braised Hokkien Mee or Satay Mee Hoon over lunch and dinner. Our satay sauce for our satay mee hoon is made of a blend of peanuts and cashews, giving that unique and delicious taste that only Attap House can offer. For healthy options, our braised Hokkien Mee is a favorite as well as our cashew nut fried rice.

Good old fashioned coffee!

For tea break or snacks and even breakfast, we have our home-made Otah toast. freshly-made peanut butter or nonya kaya toast. Our peanut butter jam are made in-house and has a added sweetness of cashew in it. Our nonya kaya has a stronger caramelize sugar taste to give that extra punch in our kaya not found anywhere else.